New Shop

So I’ve chosen to quit my etsy shop and make a bigcartel one. Still in progress:

You can still find me on Patreon



Hey June

This months agenda:

-Keep working on major arcana project. 

-Work on Egyptian commissioned paintings. 

-Assert confidence in art.

-Art more.

I also vended a few times last month at frenchmen art market.

Still working on a major arcana art project that you can see more of on my patreon! Yes I’d love more support on it and if you pledge $10 or more you get prints/art monthly. That’s a good deal. 

I’m still working a day/night job in the french quarter that’s helped a bit with bills but hasn’t been kind to my mental health/art time. I hoos to change that and become a self supporting artist once again soon. 
Alright… back to art!


A road less traveled….

Went up to north alabama by car for a couple of days to take a break from the busy time of my day job (voodoo shops). I didnt get much art done but nature was inspiring!   

I’ve also returned to vending at art markets in New Orleans a few days a month. More planned as summer approaches.

I’ve moved into a new apartment this month so I will resume Colossi & other paintings very soon!

Also a few months ago I was featured as a local art vender in a news paper! 

Want art prints? Check out my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/qtrnevermore Want to support & see more art? Check out my patreon: http://patreon.com/qtrnevermore


Last [Trans]Mission Comic

A few years back my friend Steen Comer and I created a comic. You can now view it online: https://gumroad.com/l/lTHYF



Inktober, Round 2

Here you can follow this year & see last year’s daily ink drawing for the month of October. 


So I got my phone tripod this week! I plan to live stream on https://www.periscope.tv/ th on certain nights to be decided, but if you miss the live stream it does record them. October is going to be a mad month mixed with work, art, vending, spooky… And I will, just like last year, be participating in #inktober. That means every day I’ll draw something & complete it. I may even live stream some of these, or ask for ideas if I’m out of them. I might even give away some of these inktober drawings to random patreon backers. 




Just launched my patreon page. A means to help me make more art. 


Still here?

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been trying to get by down here on art alone, but ended up getting a part time job (at a voodoo shop) before Mardi Gras hit, and have since only sketching & vending art on occassion… 

Which is why I’m going to heed my friends & admired artists/writers/musicians advice and start my own Patreon site soon so I can afford to art more often, larger, without the constant battle with my month-to-month life style and lack of artistc exposure. I’m not confident it will get me much help but it’s worth a try (after all kickstarter worked for my one big project…The Colossi).

Oh and thanks to my parents I got two of the four remaining unfinished giant wood panels for my Colossi series shipped here the day of my one year in new orleans anniversary. I did start on one…  


As for that Wychcult comic collaboration? on hold for now. 

I started premilarly sketches for a collaboration with a local photographer for major arcana tarot series. But I expect this will take a few years till release.

I’ve been creativley unfocused too. I feel like there’s potential for some great works inside me. I think I need to push myself harder as an artist to reach it, instead of sketch-venting between adult life resposibilities. Also money isn’t something I’m great at asking for, though I’m greatful for the help I get, I can’t help but feel like I’ll fail everyone unless I get something worthy of awe out. Or maybe I’ll fade into obscurity until my death jumps the value of it all. I prefer the former. 


spooky time

The wonderful and talented Jill Tracy encouraged me to visit new orleans one year ago, during the later days of october. We met agian this year around the same days in new orleans, only this time… I live here. I feel honored to call this place home now. And happy.
tristajilltracy (photo taken by Jill Tracy, november 3rd 2014)

Hallow’s eve, Halloween, day of the dead in this city has been amazing and magical. And now that my senses are officially overwhelmed… I must return to the pile of art that awaits me.

Inktober, 31 days of daily drawing is available for viewing on my sketchbook tumblr.

Wychcult comic book progress took a brief hiatus. I have resumed coloring pages.

My Egyptian gods commissions for Nocturne Alchemy Perfumes continues by the month.

Some other projects on the way, while a few others sit in the holding pin.

Busy busy busy.