Inktober, Round 2


Here you can follow this year & see last year’s daily ink drawing for the month of October. 


So I got my phone tripod this week! I plan to live stream on https://www.periscope.tv/ th on certain nights to be decided, but if you miss the live stream it does record them. October is going to be a mad month mixed with work, art, vending, spooky… And I will, just like last year, be participating in #inktober. That means every day I’ll draw something & complete it. I may even live stream some of these, or ask for ideas if I’m out of them. I might even give away some of these inktober drawings to random patreon backers. 




Just launched my patreon page. A means to help me make more art. 


Still here?

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been trying to get by down here on art alone, but ended up getting a part time job (at a voodoo shop) before Mardi Gras hit, and have since only sketching & vending art on occassion… 

Which is why I’m going to heed my friends & admired artists/writers/musicians advice and start my own Patreon site soon so I can afford to art more often, larger, without the constant battle with my month-to-month life style and lack of artistc exposure. I’m not confident it will get me much help but it’s worth a try (after all kickstarter worked for my one big project…The Colossi).

Oh and thanks to my parents I got two of the four remaining unfinished giant wood panels for my Colossi series shipped here the day of my one year in new orleans anniversary. I did start on one…  


As for that Wychcult comic collaboration? on hold for now. 

I started premilarly sketches for a collaboration with a local photographer for major arcana tarot series. But I expect this will take a few years till release.

I’ve been creativley unfocused too. I feel like there’s potential for some great works inside me. I think I need to push myself harder as an artist to reach it, instead of sketch-venting between adult life resposibilities. Also money isn’t something I’m great at asking for, though I’m greatful for the help I get, I can’t help but feel like I’ll fail everyone unless I get something worthy of awe out. Or maybe I’ll fade into obscurity until my death jumps the value of it all. I prefer the former. 


spooky time

The wonderful and talented Jill Tracy encouraged me to visit new orleans one year ago, during the later days of october. We met agian this year around the same days in new orleans, only this time… I live here. I feel honored to call this place home now. And happy.
tristajilltracy (photo taken by Jill Tracy, november 3rd 2014)

Hallow’s eve, Halloween, day of the dead in this city has been amazing and magical. And now that my senses are officially overwhelmed… I must return to the pile of art that awaits me.

Inktober, 31 days of daily drawing is available for viewing on my sketchbook tumblr.

Wychcult comic book progress took a brief hiatus. I have resumed coloring pages.

My Egyptian gods commissions for Nocturne Alchemy Perfumes continues by the month.

Some other projects on the way, while a few others sit in the holding pin.

Busy busy busy.


looking forward and back

Yesterday I was looking back at a few of the times I showed my artwork (photos taken by Audrey Penven):
Solo Show at Satellite66
Open Studios

Now I’m contemplating what I want to show, where, and how in my new hometown of new orleans.

My large painting series “The Colossi” still resides on the west coast in storage until I can afford/logistically ship them here, complete 4 more pieces, touch up the others, and finally find a gallery space that will allow me to show these epic monsters in a public space, with the hopes of making a book of them in the future.

I’ve started a medium sized series of paintings involving deer antlers, insects/arachnid, human hands, and bones. I’m hoping to complete them before Novemeber and to use them to get some local gallery interest. Fingers crossed.

Still working on the comic Wychcult, a collaboration with writer Simon. Kickstarter to be announced this year I hope.

Starting on a illustrative/narrative collaboration with my dear friend and writer Steen.

Over the past year I’ve done about 8 Egyptian painting commissions for Nocturnal Alchemy Perfumes, and I’m now working on another 6-8 more.

I continue to occasionally vend artwork at the Frenchmen Street Art Market.

I have prints and original work available in my online shop.

I am grateful to all my friends and family who financially/emotionally support me through the years.

Someday people will see my art, I’ll be able to fund my friend’s creative pursuits, and struggling with money won’t be an issue. Someday. If this world doesn’t fall apart first.

So. to summarize: busy busy busy, and we all fall down.


Hello world. Besides now living in new orleans, presently only making art for income, working on a comic (which I will announce soon when the kickstarter launches), missing my friends, trying to make new paintings for galleries, plotting how to ship my very large Colossi paintings out of California to here…. well I guess I’ve been busy!

Eventually I will make an e-mail newsletter for people to follow, but until then…

I update these almost daily:

I usually vend artwork once a week at the Frenchmen Street Art Market in New Orleans: http://frenchmenartmarket.com/visitors/

Prints! Art on random stuff you can buy:- http://society6.com/qtrnevermore/prints

Like what I do, but want to donate (square cash/paypal) or commission artwork?  tmusco@gmail.com


You can now view 8 of the 12 Colossi paintings, each 48″ tall on wood panels, painted with watercolor.

They currently live in San Jose, California. I moved to New Olreans this february. Until I complete this series I will not show them in a gallery or sell them. But I need to ship them and the unfinished panels here first. And it’s not going to be cheap.

You can buy these Colossi stickers if you want to help me with my shipping efforts: here

More on my New Orleans settling/art plans soon. Very busy.


New Orleans or bust…

As of feburary 2014 I am no longer living in san francisco.

I am attempting to settle in new orleans.

I even have been trying to sell some art on certain streets







I’ve got a long ways to go though… hope I can make something of myself here.

-The drawing won’t stop ofcourse: http://qtrnevermoresketchbook.tumblr.com/

-The Colossi painting series project is currently on pause until I can move them here. I made it to 8 of 12 at least.

-I’m working on a graphic novel with someone. It’s called Wychcult. You can follow the progress of it here: http://qtrnevermoresketchbook.tumblr.com/tagged/wychcult


Firstly: APE comic con I had the fortune of sharing a table, my first time, with Failing Sky and while I didn’t make many sales, it was a great learning experience. I didn’t want to do it without creating a comic, another first, to sell at the con. My dear friend and recently published writer E. Steen Comer and I collaborated on a 10 page comic called “Last Transmission” you can buy here!

Secondly: TRAVEL! I had booked two trips this year in hopes of finding a future living situation that would improve my chances of art exposure and cheaper living, as the bitterly expensive rise in living cost in San Francisco/Bay Area and trend towards artists becoming tech workers to afford to live here has driven me to no longer love this city I’ve spent the last 5 and a half years in. My income has mostly come from night club work and the occasional art commission, which is not enough to support myself in the long term. As much as I love my friends, coworkers, and cool summers, I need move next year.

Option A: Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been there twice. Both trips proved to be magical. I found a few galleries that look promising for the art I do, enjoy the culture, the subways, the parks, the art museums, and the interactive theaters (like Sleep No More). I do know a few residents, two of which were awesome to host me, but they’ve confirmed the cost of living is also expensive, the art scene is sparse and spread out, and the winters can be harsh.  My most resent visit was to see 44Flood‘s Tome 2 art opening at the Last Rites gallery. It was an inspiring experience.

Option B: New Orleans, Louisiana. I traveled there for the first time the last week of October, which from what I gather is the best time of year to visit. I stayed at the India House hostel, which was kind of like a college dorm, but worth the price. This visit was in part to assist my friend and talented performer Jill Tracy at the Vampire Lestat Ball. She could not fly down in time but I was still allowed entry and to assist her violinist Paul Mercer, which lead to me being able to meet Anne Rice. I gave her one of my postcards with a personal thank you written on it, as she’s inspired me since childhood, and she in turn hugged me: Photo Proof! Also more photos and sketching can be viewed on my instagram feed. I wandered the galleries of Royal St. I explored several areas, took tours of the city and swamp, saw cemeteries, heard stories, met amazing people, and basically fell in love with the city itself. There was still so much I wanted to see too. Artists, musician, writers, and history make up the heart of this surreal city. Never have I felt anywhere at home than there. While I have no friends presently living in New Orleans, many I know have expressed interest in that possibility.

Option C: portland? seattle? austin? chicago? these are cities I have or have not visited that may also support the arts/be feasible to live in, or came recommended to me. Italy, Japan, and Berlin are also dreams of mine, to visit first of course.

– Come the end of january, I would like to move from san francisco to somewhere I can grow, live, flourish, and make art. As I’ve said on twitter, “I am in love… with a city. I just wished a city loved me back.” –

Thirdly: What of the Colossi painting series? It had taken a three month hiatus. I am presently still needing to complete the 7th. I resume work on it this month. If I move before this series is completed I have no idea as of yet how I am going to ship, show these works given their size. I also really want to show these works in San Francisco first and foremost. Stay tuned!

You can help support my art by visiting  my shop or donation or just by telling people about my art if you like it! <3

I still regularly post on my sketchbook blog and paintings in progress blog.

You can also follow me on twitter @qtrnevermore

Can’t stop the art, as long as my heart beats.